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Dog breeds are rapidly losing genetic diversity. Dogs Global deeply analyses dog breeds to give you informed breeding options to maintain genetic health. Get a handle on the genetic health of your dog breed now!

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Dogs and humans share a 10.000 year old alliance. Dogs bring us support, great pleasure and purpose in our live. Many dogs are bred as breeds, mostly by using a few excellent looking studs. This took a heavy toll on the genetic health of many breeds. Dogs Global can reverse this process.


Decades of avoiding direct inbreeding has not managed to stop the decline of the genepool of almost every dog breed: check the science yourself! To avoid further loss of genetic diversity of your breed, breeding decisions have to take ALL previous generations into account, a job only a computerized database can do.


Let’s combine your pedigree data with our unique algorithm to give breeders and owners options to take informed breeding decisions to halt genetic decline. You can also browse the pedigree, and there are many more great features for breeders and owners. Please check our subscription plans!

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Dogs Global is available for all breeds. Do you want to keep informed? Do you want to add your breed as well? Get in contact Or find out what is needed to start with your breed