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Genetic management need a complete pedigree to perform all the necessary analyses of the population. To know more about this, check the 4 steps below

Step 1: Collect and merge pedigrees

Dogs Global assembles one database table containing all dogs per breed worldwide. This effort is more than simply add all records in one file. The minimum we need per dog is: the name, the registration number, the father, the mother and the year (or date) of birth. If several tables exist and there has been exchange of animals, the records need to be connected. Dogs Global is specialised in doing exactly this. We know how to deal with Registration numbers, kennel-names etc. There should not be double records, especially for animals that have offspring. More importantly, connecting all data will avoid animals from being registered without known parents (see next step).

Step 2: Identify Founders & Foundlings

Dogs Global will identify Founders as well as “Foundlings”: animals without parents registered. If not done correctly, the genetic algorithms in the next step, might give false information. When applied wrong, conservation techniques could even increase inbreeding. The combination of expertise in software development and conservation genetics makes it possible to avoid this problem. This step will complete the dataset and make it ready for analysis.

Step 3: Find genetically important animals

With the pedigree complete and reliable, the importance of each animal in the current population can be calculated. Dogs Global introduces Mean Kinship in to dog populations. This technique is applied in zoos to preserve endangered species. Dogs Global adapted these algorithms to be suitable for dog populations as well.

Step 4: Breeding using science

Preservation of any population is a constant battle with limited resources. Doing it smart, will avoid a lot of problems with inbreeding. Problems we know exist in dog breeds, unmatched so far in any other species. Inbreeding is the main cause of breed specific disease, which many breeds suffer from. This website provides guidance on how to keep your breed healthy, by pointing out which animals should be used for breeding. Furthermore, it will also assist breed clubs and breeding committees to monitor the population through the Population Plan.