Pieter Oliehoek (PhD) gives lectures and workshops on the topic of Genetic Diversity, increase of inbreeding and relevance on the health within dog breeds.

Pieter is fluent in English (and Dutch) and can captivate the audience. Pieter is clearly engaged in dog breeding, which makes his lectures and workshops not ‘just another scientific approach’ but a journey from the theory on genetics towards day-2-day practice of dog breeding. Pieter will apply complex theory into simple solutions which will truly benefit dog breeds.

A standard lecture will take about 2.5 to 3 hours. An additional workshop can vary in time. In case of additional wishes, preparation time will be needed.

Pieter Oliehoek


The standard lectures outside of (the proximity of) the Netherlands will cost 900 euros within Europe, excluding travel costs, overnight stays and preparation time. For additional workshops or other activities, an hourly rate of 150 euros will be calculated. Feel free to get in contact on details.