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Dr. ir. Pieter Oliehoek (PhD)
Scientific Director & Software developer

Pieter has been involved in dog breeding since he was 14. After his study of biology, he specialised in preservation of small animal populations.

Pieter has been active in the world of dogs already at the age of 11. Soon after his interest became dog breeding. Due to his love for canids and breeding, he studied biology including two internships on genetics of dog populations, on the phylogeny of dog breeds and on the preservation of the Icelandic Sheepdog in particular. At the same time he participated in the first Icelandic Sheepdog International Committee (ISIC - meetings. Pieter introduced Mean Kinship into the dog world. This was the first time Mean Kinship was applied outside zoos. After his studies and after three years of website development, he went back to the university for a PhD in genetics of captive populations at the Wageningen University, department of Animal Breeding & Genetics. His thesis can be found on While continuing professional website development, Pieter applies his thorough knowledge on conservation genetics on endangered species in zoos. For example he improved the Okapi breeding program with the use of Optimal Contributions, including practical constraints zoos face. Since 2018 he is fully engaged in dog breeding and founded Dogs Global, to put a stop to the continues decrease of health of dog breeds.
Anneke Oliehoek
Project Manager
Cathrienke Brandt
João Santos
Web developer
Hugo Silva
Web developer